Rental Policies

Hello fine food and product photographers!

We know that rental agreements are boring.  Like, seriously tedious.  So because we like you, we have created a much more pleasant agreement for you to read.  We think it's really important to read and understand our policies.  In fact, when you rent a surface from us, we will ask you to  confirm that you have read this agreement.  For those of you who do not have a legal background, enjoy the shortened version.

If you have specific questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at

 For Humans For Human Attorney's

Keep it clean.
Send it back just how you got it and everybody wins.

The RENTER shall keep and maintain the surface during the term of the rental at his/her own cost and expense. He/She shall keep the rented surface in a good state of repair and return all surfaces in the condition in which it was received. All surface rentals are for an agreed specific period of time.

These surfaces may have nicks and bruises along the edges. Not to worry, we keep the centers in ship shape. We won't rent you a surface with major damage. We will let you know prior to renting if there is a blemish that may effect your work. RENTER agrees to accept surface on an “as is” basis with the understanding that the surface may have imperfections.  The OWNER will disclose “major damage” prior to RENTER signing agreement and shipping.  RENTER agrees to inform the OWNER of any additional imperfections within 24 hours of delivery. 
If it wasn't you, feel free to point the finger.
If the surface comes to you damaged - we’ve got your back.  Send us a photo of the damage and we’ll handle the rest!
RENTER is not responsible for damage caused by shipping carrier.  RENTER agrees to provide photographic proof of damage (surface and packaging) due to shipping carrier within 24 hours of receipt.
You Break it, You Buy it.
That being said, things happen and we get it.  So if you run into problems, don’t hesitate to call!
The RENTER shall pay the OWNER full market amount for replacement and/or repair of any that is not returned because it is lost or stolen or any rented surface that is damaged and in need of repair to put it into the same condition it was in at the time of rental.  A replacement fee equivalent to the cost and construction of the surface will be charged for destroyed/damaged surfaces that is not disclosed by RENTER within 24 hours of receiving rented surface.
Respect the Date – Don’t be Late.
We know dates can be tricky, but please, don’t stand us up.
The rented surface shall be either picked up by RENTER or delivered to RENTER and returned to OWNER at the RENTER’s risk, cost and expense.   If OWNER charges a daily/weekly rental rate, rental charges are billed to the RENTER for each period or portions of the period from the time the rented surface is delivered to RENTER until its return.  There will be an additional daily rate charge for each additional day overdue. Rental payment is due prior to delivery or pickup date. 
Want it longer?
Give us a holler any time up to your ship out date, and we can work something out.
Extending the rental period of surface is possible if the item is NOT reserved for another RENTER and the OWNER agrees to allow the lease extension. RENTER must inform OWNER of extension dates 48 hours prior to due date. OWNER has the right to refuse a rental extension for any reason.
Pay first, then enjoy!
We will return your deposit in 1-3 days after you return the surface.
The signed rental agreement, full cost of the rental day rate must be submitted (and confirmed by OWNER) before the surface is reserved and/or shipped.
If you rent it, but decide not to use it, you still have to pay for it.
No allowance will be made for any rented equipment or portion thereof that is claimed not to have been used. Returning an item prior to agreed upon return date will not result in a refund.
Rentals do not come with a warranty. That being said, we promise to only rent you a quality item and we will do out best to accurately describe the surface you are renting.
The OWNER makes no warranty of any kind regarding the rented surface.
Cold feet?
You’ve got 48 hours to bail!
Renter agrees to cancel reservation of surface within 48 hours of pick-up or ship date.  Cancellations will be denied after surface is shipped.
You are responsible for the care and transport of the surface when you have it. This also includes everyone that works for/with you that may be using the surface.
RENTER takes full responsibility for the use, storage, and transport of rented equipment.  The RENTER is responsible for any damage caused by/to rented surface while in possession of rented equipment. 
No double dealing, if you please!
Don't re-rent the surface, but if you are doing a gig for someone, it's OK to bill them the rental cost
RENTER agrees to use rented surface for personal or professional use only.  RENTER agrees not to rent equipment to a third party.  RENTER may use surface for professional use in which a third party is billed for services rendered.
We want to rent to you, but be cool...or we won't.
OWNER can deny a request for RENTAL at any time for any reason.