About Our Surfaces

All of our surfaces are double sided and finished on a "planked" or "smooth" surface.  Each item description contains details regarding how the surface is constructed.  The planked surface includes 4-5 wood planks that provides a rustic look that resembles a tabletop of barn door.  Our smooth surface is most appropriate for painted finishes such as Concrete and Granite.  We have spent a significant amount of time developing finishes with these surfaces in mind.  For example, our Antique Turquoise finish uses paint and stain and achieves it's best look on a planked surface.  In addition, Concrete and Stone finishes are most effectively achieved on a smooth surface. 

We offer surfaces in three standard sizes:  21"x34", 34"x34", and 34"x48".  If you would like to order a custom size, please contact us prior to purchase so we can send you a custom quote.  We offer custom, reclaimed, and limited run surfaces.  These one-of-a-kind surfaces are truly unique and come in different sizes and are constructed with a variety of materials.  Custom surfaces will have a detailed description within the product listing.                                     

Made to Order

Keep in mind that every Erickson Surfaces board is made to order.  Therefore, not every surface is going to be exactly the same as the one pictured in the listing.  We make every effort to reproduce the finish as described in the listing, but take great care to make sure you have a one-of-a-kind piece.  If there are additional details or finish ideas that you would like us to apply to your board, please use the space available for notes during checkout.  If you would like to request a custom surface, complete the Custom Surface Consultation Request form

The Finish

Unless specifically stated, all of our surfaces are finished with a thin coat of matte polyurethane.  We have found that this type of matte finish is best for preventing glare during photography.  This top coat provides for easy cleanup of reasonable spills.  We do not recommend placing food directly on the surface for an extended amount of time.  Although the top coat protects against minor spills, we cannot guarantee that food and liquids (e.g. strawberries, wine, etc.) will not stain the surface.  We recommend contacting us directly before placing food on the board if you have questions regarding the likelihood of a certain food causing a stain.  In general, we recommend placing a barrier between food and the surface to guarantee that the board is not stained or damaged.

Although many references support the claim  (including the FDA) that polyurethane finishes are "food safe", we do not recommend using our product as an eating surface.  It is likely that your kitchen table or office desk is finished with a similar product.  Keep in mind that we do not recommend eating food off this surface and cannot be held responsible for any customer using it for this purpose.  Please do not use your surface as a cutting board.  This will both damage the board and degrade the integrity of the finish.  We recommend cleaning the surface with a damp soft cloth after each use.  If you have any questions regarding any of our finishes, please e-mail us directly.


Because we use a rigid substrate/base for our wood photography surfaces you have the flexibility of storing your board in any way you choose.  We would encourage you to store your surface in a space that is reasonably dry and free of humidity.  In addition, direct sunlight for an extended amount of time can negatively affect the surface and finish.

Please do not hesitate to contact us directly if you have questions or concerns about our surfaces.

We look forward to partnering with you!

Thank You,
Doug & Ginny