Watercolor - Gem

$ 215.00
Watercolor - Gem

Double sided food and product photography surface.  Gem Watercolor Finish on one side and your choice of finish on the second side. 

Due to the nature of the technique used to make this finish, each surface will vary slightly. Please let us know if there are specific ideas you have on how the final product looks and note those in your order.

We can do this finish in any color palette you want- shoot us an email with your vision: Ginny@EricksonSurfaces.com

Size:  This background is available in four sizes:

Standard - 21”x34” ($215)

Large - 34”x34” ($315)
Table Top - 34"x48" ($450)
Custom sizing - Please access the  Custom Surface Consultation form

Shipping:  Please check out our Store Policies for updated ship/build times.

This background is constructed on a smooth surface.  Learn more about the construction of our surfaces.

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